4 Reasons Why You MUST Wait Before Moving On Your Manuscript

Rome wasn’t built in a day, you guys, and the plans weren’t drawn up that quickly either. Note how the header to this post says that you “must” wait …

4 Reasons Why You MUST Wait Before Moving On Your Manuscript

Constructive Criticism is a something you need to learn how to give and how to take. Manuscripts that are rushed are almost always going to have holes in them or imperfections, especially a first draft. A simple tip that can help to improve your writing is to give yourself criticism on your own manuscript. Imagine you are a beta reader for a book that you have no connection to writing, how would you judge that manuscript. What is good about it? and what is bad? At this point you are looking at producing a review of your manuscript you are not the author who can make changes you are a beta reader. Write down everything you notice that could be improved about the manuscript you have received. Once complete switch to an author perspective, what criticisms did you receive from your beta reader (you) and how could you incorporate some of the suggestions into your work. Thinking in this way helps you to avoid making changes to your manuscript that mess up the flow of your writing since you are looking at the whole picture not just a segment. In general, self-reflection tends to give harsher criticism than what you would receive from someone else since people want to avoid upsetting others and will subconsciously try to avoid saying phrases like ‘That manuscript is a load of …’ they will always try to say something like ‘You have a good concept, but you need to improve THIS…, if you can do this your story could be very interesting for your target audience’. In the military this is sometimes colloquially referred to as a ‘Shit Sandwich’ (excuse the profanity it’s an older saying) since the worst part is always sandwiched between two slices of good points. If you can take the worst bit of any criticism then you can generally improve your writing.

Today’s writing tip is courtesy of Kathryn posted by theryanlanz. Thanks for the useful advice.

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