Happy New Year 2023

Happy New Year to you and your families and I hope it brings you much joy and time to do the things that you want to do.

As mentioned at Christmas I have a few things to post coming up so stay tuned. I will be going back to my once a day schedule for tips and will be back tomorrow with your first instalment.

On a final note I will leave you a little nugget of wisdom for the new year. If you’re planning anything as part of 2023 it would be helpful to have your calendar updated to include all your deadlines including both soft and hard deadlines in order to determine the lead and lag times on specific tasks. Lead/Lag times will help you determine the amount of wiggle room a task has before it hits a soft/hard deadline.

Adding this information to your calendar can help you avoid forgetting important deadlines and can help identify which tasks can be shifted if something unexpected occurs. Planning for the unexpected can help in many aspects of life not just your career so it’s useful to manage your time wisely.

Balancing your work and life is important for not just your health physically but also mentally and can help improve your efficiency at tasks since you are in a positive mindset loop.

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