Writing Tip: Exercise the Writing Muscle

Writing as a daily practice is a way to exercise the writing muscle. Like working out at the gym, the more you do it, the more results you get. Some …

Writing Tip: Exercise the Writing Muscle

Writing consistently is something that is a difficult skill to learn. Writing everyday is going to help some way towards that but style changes will occur and it can affect the flow of your writing. Pure writing is great for outlining and creating filler text but a lot of the text you write using this method will usually be corrected and/or removed during the refinement and editing process. As you get more comfortable in your own writing your style will gradually become more consistent but it’s important to remember how your writing will flow and to pre-plan your plot developments as time progresses in order to ensure your writing is chronologically correct or utilises flashbacks/flash-forwards where necessary if the text does not always follow events chronologically.

Today’s Tip is Courtesy of Libby Sommer

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