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Apologies for the mess the site is still under construction. More content coming soon.

This site is a collection of the various projects, thoughts and ideas that have been collected and created by this website’s host. This site aims to highlight a portfolio of the work accomplished and provide a platform to explore new thoughts and ideas and help foster a creative learning and research environment.

Blog Posts

Russell VanBrocklen – Creative Writing Tips and Ideas for Learners

Creative writing is a great way to explore the emotions inside you, utilize your creative energy and hone your artistic skills. It improves your … Russell VanBrocklen – Creative Writing Tips and Ideas for Learners Creative Writing can be used in many aspects of life it all comes down to your imagination and creativity (pun…

3 Tips To Kick-Start Your Blog Post Ideas

Whether you’ve been blogging for years or only a few weeks, there’s always a point when you will sit at your desk, laptop open/computer screen on, … 3 Tips To Kick-Start Your Blog Post Ideas Blogs are a great way of providing information and context to your audience, about the activities that ignite your passion.…

Writing Tip: Exercise the Writing Muscle

Writing as a daily practice is a way to exercise the writing muscle. Like working out at the gym, the more you do it, the more results you get. Some … Writing Tip: Exercise the Writing Muscle Writing consistently is something that is a difficult skill to learn. Writing everyday is going to help some…