Grant Writing Tips for Effective Research

Grant Writers can easily get overwhelmed with the sheer volume of information that you might find available online to support your case for funding. …

Grant Writing Tips for Effective Research

Today’s post is a little different from creative writing, but just as important for those in research positions. Grants come in all shapes and sizes and I wouldn’t be surprised, that there are a number available to budding new writers, that are looking for the money to publish their first novel. Writing a grant application is a useful skill, since it employs your ability to assess the cost and benefit of your own work. Making use of grants that are available can help you with your research surrounding a topic for work related purposes, or for research in order to write a segment of your novel. Since writing about an activity gets easier with actual experience of performing the activity yourself, the benefits of experiencing new things are often greatly underestimated, and if your novel is likely to sell better with the added experience, it can also be considered a necessary cost for the production of your work.

Today’s tip is courtesy of Red Tape Busters

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