Productivity Hacks Aren’t What They’re Made Out To Be

You know what sounds cool at first glance? Productivity habits. You know how long they’re cool for? Probably two days or so. For the past few years, …

Productivity Hacks Aren’t What They’re Made Out To Be

Productivity is not something you can generally hack it takes time, practice and effort whether you like it or not. The old saying you won’t get something for nothing usually applies here. There are tools that are used to get you thinking about how you can address your problems, but these only work when you’re committed and in the mindset to make the effort to succeed. Waking up early, bullet journaling and the cold shower on their own are not hacks as shown in the post above, they are ways people can utilise to address problems with their own lives, especially if they are in a situation where you don’t know which way to turn. The hardest part in any situation is if you feel under stress. Imagine you are working on a project for a deadline and you don’t know what to do in order to meet your growing commitments. Bullet journals would help log what needs doing and the progress but not make it any easier to complete the work, that requires effort and dedication. Similarly if there isn’t enough hours in your typical day to get all of your tasks completed, then temporarily waking up earlier in the morning would give you additional waking hours to get tasks completed. However, if you’re unproductive and don’t utilise those hours, nothing will change for you. A cold shower can shock your body into temporarily waking up and feeling a bit more alert but if you don’t capitalise on the moments when you’re alert then nothing will improve. Any method will have its uses but like a phone that you buy or a car that you could drive, unless you put effort to use them for a real purpose then it’s unlikely that your life is going to improve much.

I’m interested in what your thoughts and opinions on this are, do you agree that hacks are a waste of time and are just made up rubbish? or are they actually useful? Leave your comments below…

Today’s tip and topic of discussion is courtesy of Stuart Danker

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  1. Thanks so much for the mention, Brandon! Love your exploration on the topic as well. Am super honoured, so thanks once again!

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