Writing Tip: 8 Ideas to Overcoming Writer’s Block

Hey everyone! I apologize for missing a post last week. It was my birthday along with several other events, so it was rather chaotic and I was unable…

Writing Tip: 8 Ideas to Overcoming Writer’s Block

Writer’s block typically starts when something in your life takes priority over your writing, whether that is worrying over exams, worrying about family or even worrying about what you are going to write. Now to make things clear the last one can still contribute to writer’s block, where the idea that whatever you write is not going to be good enough, ending up being the thing that you end up worrying about. To end the cycle of worry you must first address and acknowledge the distractions and then make an effort to minimise them. Worries about exams would likely end after they have finished, so postponing your writing until after they have finished, could be a valid choice depending on whether you can afford the time away from your writing. Family issues are another thing that might seem out of your control but could be similarly solved with a short break to address any issues. The final one which is a common issue is feeling like whatever you write is not good enough, can be solved by writing. Yes it might sound nonsensical but actually writing allows you to start from somewhere. A chess grandmaster may know thousands of combinations that may lead to his inevitable checkmate, but until he/she actually makes a move they haven’t actually decided whether it is actually possible to win or not. Starting from some short piece of terrible writing, doesn’t necessarily mean you cannot be the next bestseller. So start writing, something, anything and then let your thoughts flow onto the screen/paper.

Today’s tip is courtesy of Kay Leigh of Christian Girl Writes

One response to “Writing Tip: 8 Ideas to Overcoming Writer’s Block”

  1. That last sentence is what works for me. I force myself to write one sentence. That leads to two, three, and I’m on my way. It might be awful writing that I’ll delete later, but it gets me jump started and back in the game.

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