Writing Tips, Tools, and Tidbits!: CAPITONYMS

Writers Unite!’s mission is to offer a haven for writers to share their work and hone their craft. As the writing process is our focus, author, and …

Writing Tips, Tools, and Tidbits!: CAPITONYMS

Tidbits and tricks to hone writing should always be considered, but not necessarily always put into practice. Every author has their own way of writing and when, you have got a good thing going it’s best not to mess with it. Improving your writing is a good goal to have, but remember that your readers may be expecting a particular style of writing, that changing may disappoint them. Let us consider the hypothetical situation of if Stephen King who usually writes Thriller/Horror stories, were to suddenly change to writing stories for young children, a lot of the people that love his gripping stories would likely end up disappointed, in the change of writing style and content, as it would differ from his usual audience. As the old saying goes don’t fix what’s not broken. But it is worth considering, whether you truly could benefit from utilising tips that would improve/complement your own writing.

Today’s tips are courtesy of daratliff

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