5 Tips to Eliminate Boring Writing

Who doesn’t want to eliminate boring writing, right? Today, freelance proofreader and editor Kelsey Bryant shares five actionable tips to level up …

5 Tips to Eliminate Boring Writing

Don’t get caught in the doldrums when writing, your stories tend to follow your personality of when you wrote them. A quick tip to make those crucial changes to your work is read it. Read your writing with extreme scrutiny right down to every boring sentence you have ever thought up. The act of reading it will be a challenge in itself but the insight into becoming a reader, rather than the author, can help you see what a reader expects of your story. If you get bored reading your own story, then it’s probably true that your readers will feel the same way. In some stories it’s important to use some boring sentences to express how the characters are feeling. A character doing the same thing everyday, would make them feel like they need a change in their life. However, making it repeat too much will just put off your readers. Think of which audience is going to be reading your story the most and tailor it to their attention span. Young children have a shorter attention span than adults so bear that in mind when you aim to write stories for them. Generally speaking though it’s best to remove unnecessarily boring sentences from your work. Since you spent that time reading your story you have likely already identified those areas to improve. Thesaurus’s are great to change the wording, but remember who your target audience is and try to avoid using words outside of their general word pool, as it may hamper their understanding of your story. If you are still stuck you could ask others for advice, or at a real push if you are uncertain about a particular topic or activity, depending on how safe it is to recreate, you could act out the scene and record your experience, to see what other things you could include in your writing.

Today’s tip is courtesy of Kelsey Bryant

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