Reason for the Delay of Daily Writing Tips

I have been rather busy recently and it’s been affecting my regular schedule so I thought I’d let you in on the reason why things have been delayed.

My nan was diagnosed with cancer and she has been in and out of hospital for a while now, but just recently her health has taken a turn for the worse. We know that there’s not much the hospital can do to help her as her body is already shutting down but we are waiting for the inevitable to happen, which means me and my family have been on edge for the past few days. Things have been so busy as a result it’s been difficult to arrange time for the daily writing tips.

I hope she passes peacefully without any pain, but it’s still unsure of when that will happen. I aim to get back to doing the writing tips at a later point and I already have some draft content set aside. However, it’s likely to be some point in the next couple of days, that me and my family will see a change in the situation. So for now I am going to be refining the drafts when I can but my posts will be on hiatus for a little while.

One last life note I would like to impart on you whether you agree or not, is to make the most of your time with your loved ones while they are still around. It’s ok to have arguments and spats but try to make up and resolve your issues, since you never know when you need their help and support, or when they will no longer be around for you to say an apology should the worst happen.

That’s all for now thank you for listening.

2 responses to “Reason for the Delay of Daily Writing Tips”

  1. My best wishes for a peaceful passing for your nan.

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    1. Thank you for your kind words she passed peacefully with family a few weeks ago.

      My apologies in the delay the last few weeks have been rather busy for me, with helping the family sort through her effects and clear her bungalow and trying to catch back up at work after some time off to help out the family.

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