Beginner Writing Tips

Hey, everyone! Whoa, long time no see there. I lost track of time in the busyness of working on my own writing. Today I’d like to share some tips for…

Beginner Writing Tips

I have spoken a lot about skills and tips for existing writers, but today is going to be a bit different since it will be primarily aimed at beginner writers. I have been writing parts of stories for a long time, but I always tended to leave them half finished since I was so busy with work or simply lost the trail of thought I had when I first started writing it, as such I tend to consider myself still a beginner as a writer. My soon to be released web novel series which will be added to WattPad in the near future is my first attempt at a complete storyline. I already have the Prologue and Chapter 1 ready to release, but I am trying to get a few more chapters ready so I can aim to have up to Chapter 4 ready before I post the Prologue and Chapter 1 on the site. My aim is to publish a new chapter every week giving me 3 weeks lead time to finish the other chapters of part 1. Obviously things don’t always work out as planned, so building time in to ensure that if something happens and you need extra time, you can always fall back on your emergency gap time, is something that can help not just with your writing but in other work. Anyway I look forward to hearing your feedback on my story when it is released and will be striving to improve my writing as I continue with the series.

Today’s tip is courtesy of Chaitanya

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