30 Author Blog Post Ideas

Celebrate your author-versary (It can be the date you first started writing, published your first book, or simply celebrate being a writer for …

30 Author Blog Post Ideas

Authors not only have the option to write books, their creative writing practices and writing in general can also be applied to a blog. Keeping a blog helps clear your mind of unwanted thoughts and ideas for review in the future. But there are many forms of blog and depending on your content it can be very low maintenance to keep adding daily posts. Unlike books which can (but not always) require weeks or even months of revision for a chapter to be deemed ready for publishing, the blog can be updated and revised on a daily basis live on your blog and gives a certain amount of freedom to your work. There’s no harsh deadlines apart from those that you impose yourself and your posts can be as long or as short as you want. However, if you are starting a blog it’s important to remember that people prefer to read about particular topics and without proper organisation, it can become a convoluted mess after some time of posting. Using tags for blogs with multiple topics or even producing multiple blog sites, allows readers to easily find the content they want to read.

Today’s tip is Courtesy of Sara Flower Kjeldsen

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