4 Ways Adverbs Can Ruin Your Writing

Experts will tell you that adverbs don’t belong in a book…but what do the experts really mean?  Why do they hate adverbs so much?  Anytime I read a …

4 Ways Adverbs Can Ruin Your Writing

Adverbs have been a part of the English language for a centuries, improper usage of them can make your writing clunky, but it doesn’t mean that they are to be never used. It is also important to remember, that while it is generally true that certain audiences will already understand what adverbs try to convey, you must remember who your target audience is. Young children and people with disabilities may need adverbs to understand what others could gather from implied information, not all circumstances rely on adverbs, but sometimes they can be a useful writing tool if used correctly.

Today’s tip is Courtesy of Ryan Lanz who posted an article by Michael James. Thank you both for the useful tips you are sharing with everyone.

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