It’s still a mess, but it won’t be for long…

Hello Everyone,

Just to let you know how everything is going, I am going to do a post on what the aims of this website are going to be and what kind of things, you should expect to see in the coming months.

Firstly, the aims of this website are to provide a central location for all my work. I am pretty creative at times and keeping track of everything tends to be quite a challenge. By creating a central repository for my work I aim to generate new ideas and develop them into useful information and products. Who knows some of my wacky ideas may end up being utilised by you to create something truly inspiring.

While my day job doesn’t leave much time to update the website, I am in the process of refining a number of chapters from a new web novel series, I am going to be uploading to Wattpad in the coming months. My goal is to grow my audience enough to make a complete novel series and use the proceeds from sales of the books in the money required to take some of my concept ideas to the prototype stage.

I will be opening a Patreon page for the various projects in the future so once the working prototypes are ready, I intend to have some of my products help make people’s lives that little bit easier. While money makes projects come to fruition it will be through your input that I will be able to take my designs from rough uncut concepts to polished products that are useful to both my readers now and my future audience but also to the communities that will benefit the most from my final products.

Now enough of the corporate talk, I want to touch on one final point before I end this quick update, and that is why the website has been slow to start. I can proudly say that as of March this year (2022) I had finally finished my PhD and am now a Dr. It’s been a few years in the making and thinking back on the past 5 years it has been a chaotic circus of ups and downs. I will be including a link to the thesis if anyone is interested enough to read it but I want to thank all the people who have helped to support me on the way.

I look forward to seeing you all again very soon with some daily writing tips that I am using to help refine my web novel and other work updates. I am happy to receive constructive feedback so feel free to message me with your questions or queries.

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